Septic Cleaning

Okay, now here are the reasons it's so important to service your septic system on a regular basis:

Sludge build-up is unavoidable and regular septic service helps maintain manageable levels; averting the need for septic repairs. Pumping your septic tank on a regular basis helps to ensure that your septic system maintains a healthy liquid balance. Regular septic service and pumping can assist in identifying potential problems that may lay below the surface.

In addition to regular septic service, here are a few things you can do to increase efficiency and reduce the potential for problems with your septic system: Divert rainwater (or water from hoses) away from your septic leach field. If your leach field is too full of water it won’t drain properly and it will have problems absorbing waste. Reduce the load on your septic system by conserving water. For example, do laundry throughout the week instead of all at once; use flow reducing nozzles on showers; wash full loads in your dishwasher.

Steam Thawning

A-Two Septic provides top of the line steam thawing services! In our harsh Alaskan winters, steam thawing can not only save your septic system, but also time and money!

When temperatures drop below freezing, the interior and exterior pipe lines can freezing making your septic system unusable. Normally you would have to locate the exact line(s) that is frozen in order to fix it. With steam thawing, the time consuming process of locating the frozen line is done away with! It essentially pushes hot steam through the pipelines to thaw the frozen areas.

This process is less invasive than other procedures that can make your pipes vulnerable to harsh elements.

Line Cleanouts

Line cleanouts is a necessary service for septic tanks. The areas where blockage occurs is in the tank outlet port, the line connecting the leach field and the tank, or the leach field itself.

Blockages in the lines can be caused from solids building up in the lines, pipe collapsing, or tree roots invading the pipe. Whatever the cause, A-Two Septic can help clean out your lines!

Video Inspection

When you have repeated blockages in your lines, A-Two Septic can take a look into the lines without doing invasive procedures! Video cameras can show what is causing the blockage without having to break into the pipe.

This incredible use of technology can save you both time and money!

Why Choose A-Two?

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